Monthly Archives: February 2014

About me!

Very recently I have had the amazing opportunity to meet some wonderful people who have encouraged me to setup my first blog.  So here I am! In this blog I hope to share my passion for, and my experience with, being a Salesforce Administrator.   It has long been my dream to be a Salesforce Administrator and I am excited to share this journey!

I am a problem solver, doer, and maker who is passionate about finding solutions for Salesforce customers. I strive to enable people to do more, and be more, by using technology to solve business problems. I am a great combination of a question asker, and a self starter.  Initially I might have questions that will help me get on the correct path, but once I’m there, I am very comfortable  (and get excited by) exploring the path and learning all the routes.

On the road towards becoming a Salesforce admin I have had many amazing experiences as a classical cellist, a public school teacher, a bartender at an Irish pub, a singer/song writer and an account manager at a non-profit fundraising firm – just to name a few.  I believe what defines me the most, however, are my friends and family.  I strive off their encouragement and love.

My 6 month goal is to find a position being a full time Salesforce administrator with a company that needs an energetic, fast learner that is very passionate about the Salesforce platform.  This dream job will be my first experience being a full-time admin and I am looking forward to growing and learning new things every day.

I am not quite sure what adventures and mishaps will happen along this journey, but I am excited to be here, and happy to be sharing my adventures of a Salesforce admin.

You can contact me on Twitter @TamVogel.

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