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Who wants an intern like me?

Make no bones about it – I want to be a Salesforce Administrator.  And I’m willing to do most anything, including interning with the right company, to get there.  There – I said it.  And I’m not shy about it.   Oh, and I want it now.   But who would want an intern like me?

I didn’t study computers or technology in college.  In fact, I studied music education.  I got a full ride cello scholarship to CU Boulder, and afterwards I taught middle school band and orchestra for ten years.  I taught kids how to read music notation.  I taught them how see  a note on a page, translate what it means in their head, and then transfer that knowledge to their fingers and arms – in a mere instant. In order to teach such complexities, you have to really understand and grasp the concepts. In fact, I believe that on the road to complete comprehension lies the art of teaching. To teach you have to separate, dissect, explain and put back together – but you have to do this in ten different ways to ensure you are hitting every kind of learning style your students might have. Bottom line?  I understand how to learn.  I am trying to further my learning of Salesforce by creating things such as my Salesforce Dashboard “Resume” (you can read my blog about that adventure here), but to develop the skills I need to continue my dissection of Salesforce, I need some “real world” experience.

I am not fresh out of college.  In fact, I graduated from college 12 years ago.  And as such, I have insight and hard earned knowledge about life in the workforce. I understand that every job comes with a certain degree of politics. I understand that there is no such thing as being OVER prepared.  And  I understand that if I’m not willing to work hard and put in the extra effort, then my boss will probably find someone who IS willing to do so. And maybe more importantly, I understand the road ahead.  While I still am looking for my “real world” Salesforce experience, I have studied and experimented with the platform enough to understand how much I still have to learn.  Bottom line?  I understand the work, effort and time that it will take to be the SF Admin guru that I am determined to become.

It’s no longer just about me.  I have a husband and a little baby boy.  I need to provide for my family and be an example to my son.  I need to bring home the bacon and take life seriously (but not too seriously, am I right?).  And in order to do that, I understand that I need skills.  And not just any kind of skills – I need mad skills. Bottom line? I will do what I need to do to get where I want to be. I can’t be an intern forever, but I am willing to take a step back now, knowing that it will help me take two steps forward in the future.

Salesforce was not my first passion.  As I mentioned already, I was a cellist and a music teacher.  I was 18 years old when I decided to be a music teacher.  And 16 years later, I finally feel old (and wise) enough to know what I want from my career.  Music kept me happy for the first quarter of my life, and Salesforce will keep me happy for the 2nd quarter.  (Quarters 3 & 4 will naturally be spent on a beach drinking pina coladas and getting pedicures.  Duh.) (BTW – who can actually decide at 18 what they want to “do” for a living and actually stick to it for their entire lives?  Not me.) Bottom line? I’m not a kid anymore. I know what I want, and I am choosing Salesforce.

I don’t need a paid internship.  (Don’t tell my husband I’m admitting to this.) I understand that in order to get my dream job of being a Salesforce Admin, I need mad skills.  I have done hours and hours of online training, and I have experimented with my own projects, but let’s face it, to have mad skills you need to DO the job over and over.  I need to DO the job in order to GET the job.  Bottom line?  I am willing to work for free to get my mad skills.  (Of course this mommy would never turn her back on a paid internship. Diapers don’t grow on trees!)

I am not as patient as I was when I was younger.  Because let’s face it – I don’t have as much time as I used to! When something needs to be done, I need to get it done now.  When there is a problem that needs to be fixed, I need to figure out how to fix it right away.  There is just not enough time in the day to wait, dillydally or put aside. Bottom line? My life revolves around prioritizing and getting the job done. From finishing laundry to customizing role hierarchies.

So there you have it!  I am an older, impatient, ex-music teacher and mother who is willing put money aside, take a step backwards, and work her ass off for the sake of getting some mad Salesforce skills.  And I am not afraid to shout it from the rooftop.  So, who would want an intern like me?