Take That, Catch-22!

A catch-22. The ultimate professional paradoxical situation that goes something like this: How do you get the job without the experience, and how do you get the experience without the job?

If you are like me, then your current career is not your first career. In fact, my current career is not even my second career, but that is besides the point. Those of us who are 2nd (or 3rd) career people know that reinventing yourself is hard work! Yet, there is a lot to be said for taking one calculated step backwards in this new career to ultimately be able to take two steps forward. If you really are like me, you realize that a step backwards is not backwards at all.

I am so pleased to share that this week I joined Red Argyle’s team of Salesforce rockstars. Not being a Salesforce rockstar (yet) myself, I am still not entirely sure how I managed to get onboard, but I believe it has something to do with the fact that I am dedicated and passionate about becoming a Salesforce Administrator. You see, I am willing to work hard and sacrifice to achieve this dream. I have the ambition, the fortitude, the time, the energy, and the passion to make it happen. What I don’t have is the real world experience. And let’s face it, when you’re trying to reinvent yourself for the third time, you’re not going far without real world experience. Fortunately, it turns out that the sacrifices we are willing to make to be who we strive to be aren’t really sacrifices at all – they are steps. Steps that lead towards a better tomorrow. Steps that lead towards a dream job. Steps that lead towards Red Argyle.

I feel I’m the luckiest girl on the planet. Red Argyle has made an investment in me, and the return on this investment will increase exponentially over time. But I too am making an investment in Red Argyle. I have the mentors, the tools, and the talent to reach my goals and my dreams. Every day is a step towards more experience and knowledge, towards certification, and a step towards becoming a Salesforce Admin.

Take that, catch-22.